Kenyan woman defends South Africa pastor, terms him her messiah


A staunch Kenyan follower of South Africa pastor Alph Lukau has come out to defend him strongly saying people are fining it difficult to believe the preacher’s miracles because they are used to old ones.

Lukau recently hit the news headlines after staging a fake resurrection of a man who had allegedly spent the weekend at the morgue and was brought to his church for prayers.

According to Tuko News, Malaika Kimani rubbished off claims that she was the one who was holding the microphone during the resurrection scam and dismissed those painting the pastor as fake.

“It’s proved! Some people will never believe until Jesus come back! Now my fellow Kenyans are claiming I was the one who were holding microphone at Alleluia ministry! Some have even photo shopped the resurrected with phone in his pocket, Shuu #wicked #Witch people do exist (sic)!” exclaimed Malaika.

She further said she was glad that the pastor, unlike wicked people, did not kill but instead God used him to restore the deceased.

“The man of God, Alph Lukau was called by God and if you don’t like it, it’s your problem. People like hearing old miracles that were happening in old days, we are living in new generation where you will see unseen, hear unheard, extra ordinary miracles are going to happen even more,” she added.

A quick check through Malaika’s page revealed she describes herself as “a child of God” and has even shared several photos and posts about Lukau whom she said was her “Moses” and mentor. The miraculous resurrection which caused uproar on social media has since been dismissed as fake after the Kings and Queens Funeral Services whose vehicle was used in ferrying the man denied having preserved the body.

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The revived man identified as Brighton has since been arrested and South Africa’s Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities was probing the matter.

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