Top Forex company saves the dream of two Eldoret youngsters


The locust scourge has continued to ravage parts of Mt. Kenya, Ukambani and Central province with no signs of letting up. But it finally looks like there’s a savoir on the way.

51 Capital, one of Africa’s biggest Forex Trading companies, has now moved deep into the villages and cities and made sure that some of the most creative and innovative brains in town have a voice in the market share and get to make their mark in the national creative space.

And through them, Alex Kibet and Brian Kiprop, two Eldoret natives, have now invented a new way to fight the viral locust menace – a quick semi-helicopter that can be operated by a remote and run from any location and by any professional.

Backed by 51 Capital, whose brainchild is the business mogul Joe Kariuki, the two lads have now taken up the duties of flying their drone-like invention across locust-ravaged farms and plantations.

The exercise is already proving to be a success as they move deeper into the neighborhoods to try out their unique innovation.

It works by spraying a special pesticide across swathes of land carpeted by the pesky insects.

“This innovation will not just turn heads but lives around. Its a one of a kind innovation. We have not seen young kids in Kenya do this sort of thing. It’s rare and very unique. And we support their efforts a hundred percent. We are here for the long haul. And we must ensure that our well-equipped and ready to face the markets and not only empower the youth but fuel their dreams ” Joe Kariuki says.

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Check out the semi-airborne airplane. And also, get to meet the innovators.


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