AUDIO: John DeMatthew’s final words


Before meeting his untimely demise, Musician John De’matthew was attending a fundraiser for his fellow musician Peter Kigia.

De’ Mathew died after he rammed a lorry at the notorious Blue Post hotel black spot.

He had been rushed to the Thika Nursing Home where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

At the peak of his career, De’Mathew took to tackling societal issues plaguing the Kikuyu community;  like corruption,  alcoholism and abuse of power.

It is evident in an audio recording of his last speech at Club Metro in Thika town.

Here is the brief of his last message;

  1. The Prime Minister position doesn’t belong to Raila Odinga; it belongs to any tribe in Kenya
  2. The Prime Minister seat is necessary and there’s need for an all-inclusive government so as to maintain peace in the country.
  3. To all upcoming artist be humble, associate yourself with other artist so that you may be shown the way.

Listen to it: John DeMathew Final Words

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