Wangari Kigo Spearheading Covid-19 Vaccination Drive in Kinyona

While politicians around the country are focused on consolidating the electorate for votes, Ann Wangari Kigo, an enterprising Nominated Member of Murang’a County Assembly, is busy mobilizing them to be vaccinated against... Read more »

United for Murang’a? Jamleck hosts Nyakera, Kang’ata for tea to amusement of Murang’a voters

Murang’a is seemingly a hot bed of modern day politics even from the show of things matters interests expressed in various leadership positions. This was attested to on August 28th when TARDA... Read more »

CV ADVICE: Captain Wanderi Explains the Dos and Don’ts when writing a CV

Writing a high-quality Curriculum Vitae(CV) is a challenging affair because the job market competition in Kenya is fierce, so your CV must stand out from those of dozens of applicants. As companies... Read more »

World Environment Day: Kigumo Residents Clothe Kahumbu Forest

“When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope.  We also secure the future for our children.”― The late Wangari Maathai: Nobel peace prize winner for environmental... Read more »

Mt. Kenya Region Wananchi to Leaders: Unity for the Mountain or Retire!

“We are already holding meetings with other Mt. Kenya region leaders for the sake of unity of the mountain. We must discord our individual political affiliations in the different: Kieleweke, Tanga Tanga,... Read more »

Al-Shabaab Commander ‘killed in Somalia by US airstrike’

- Bashir Mohamed Mahamoud’s death announced more than a fortnight after alleged attack - Since 2008, al-Shabaab has been fighting to topple Somalia’s central government and establish its own rule based on... Read more »

Jamleck ‘gave birth’ to me – PA Karanja Muturi

In a shocking development, Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria’s Personal Assistant Muturi Karanja over the weekend left many in awe after stating he was borne by the presumed arch enemy Jamleck Kamau.... Read more »
European Super League: Image : Courtesy

MONEY AND POWER: Unmasking The new Controversial Super League

After years of rumors about the biggest soccer clubs in Europe conspiring to put together a monster league, the thing finally walked out of its castle and showed its face – The... Read more »

Explainer: Why Prince Philip’s Title Wasn’t King

Prince Philip passed away at age 99 on April 9 after decades in the public eye dedicated in service to the crown. As the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, he was the... Read more »

Irungu Nyakera, the solution to Tea farmers continued suppression

Once in a while. a long long while God blesses us with a gift to help solve our so many problems, especially those that are man-made. The late Professor George Saitoti once... Read more »

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