Brave, bold with the will of a lion – Director Betty Maina


Mt Kenya Journal has nominated Betty Maina to be the Youthful leader of the year 2021.
This is because of the tremendous steps she has made in life, both at a personal level and for the public.
Growing up in a remote village Gatimu, Kangare ward in Kigumo Constituency, the bold lady with an athletic body knew she was destined for success despite humble beginnings.
The mother of two and hrr siblings were brought up by parents of modest earnings and therefore couldn’t afford giving them luxuries of life.
Its these circumstances that made her strive to excel in everything she did.
Her primary school classmates describe her as a bold girl who wasn’t afraid of expressing herself.
“She was one of the most expressive and eloquent speakers at Kangare upcountry academy and this made her grow in school as well as her personality.”
Betty is currently serving as a director at Athi Water and Services board, a position she has held for ghe past one year.
She is also the founder of Greening Kenya Foundation, an organization that focuses on tree planting among other environmental related projects.
In the three decades she has lived, Betty has interacted with the high and mighty in the society from Opposition leader Raila Odinga, AMC leader Peter Kenneth, PS Wairagu Irungu, PS Kihalangwa, tens of MPs among others.
“I first interacted with Peter Kenneth at around 20 years old and since then I have been blessed to interact with leaders to help people in my localities and the country,”
On political standing, Betty is clear that she will not be seeking election in 2022 but will work with like minded people who mean well for this country.
“I will only support people who are ready to deliver what they say to the people of Kenya.”
Betty recently set up a farm at her parent’s home and also build a mansion for her parents.
“I have learnt that you reward yourself or those that you love when you are alive and that’s what i pray to do every single day.”

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