Business Man Joe Kariuki takes Eldoret by storm (PHOTOS)


Business in the country seems to be taking shape in the country with the emergence of business conglomerates in Kenya.

This is given the new trend of opening new businesses in mushrooming towns across the nation to create employment as well as raise economic statuses of the said towns.

One of the companies leading in such ventures is 51 Capital, one of Africa’s most lucrative online forex trading companies.

Founded in the country, the company has now moved with speed to not just encompass much more businesses but also spread out to some of Kenya’s biggest and busiest towns and cities.

The award-winning company, which was mid last-year crowned as the Second Best Forex trader in Africa, at a glitzy continental ceremony in Sydney, Australia, has now opened their first offices in Eldoret.

“We picked Eldoret after Nairobi city for obvious reasons. It’s one of the busiest, most active, lucrative and commercially viable towns in Kenya and our business looks for just that – the wow factor’.”Joe Kariuki, the company CEO stated during the ground breaking.

Madam Nasra called on Kenyans to invest time in Forex business so as to maximize on the returns forthcoming.

“We are here to change the system. Change how Kenyans do business, create a whole new business environment and shake up old money. We are here for the long haul,” Nasra said.

Here are the images from the event;


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