Campaigns almost left me a depressed alcoholic, Athi Water’s Betty Maina speaks


Politics and morals are two words hardly used in the same sentence across the globe, this is because at one point or another it gets messy, real messy.

We are living in times where top leaders in Kenya are tearing into each other, to the deepest of cores so as to just appease the masses.

Well,  Athi Water Works Development Agency Board member Betty Njeri Maina has spoken about her days as a campaigner for former Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau who was vying to oust Mwangi wa Iria as Muranga Governor.

Betty on Sunday said the campaigns left her a shell of herself and she sunk into alcoholism and depression which almost cost her life.

“After sacrificing my liver, gall bladder and kidney for the same campaign, few days before nomination i was physiologically and Physically assaulted by the opponent’s team, they stole my Samsung galaxy S7 edge that a ” wiseman” had bought me and destroyed my car wheels.” She writes.

In a rather emotional encounter, Betty says after the hotly Jubilee party primaries also says Wa Iria’s campaigners physiologically and physically assaulted her  as well as destroying her car tyres.

According to Betty, people she thought were friends went on to accuse her of then sleeping with Jamleck’s competitor, all in the aim of kicking her from the team.

But my teammates betrayed me they called me a mole and purported that i was leaking information to the competitor, and offcourse they iced the Cake by saying our competitor was enjoying himself in a room with the tiresome worn out lady the campaign had reduced me to.”

But she says her enemies unknowingly worked towards her ‘favours’ and have witnessed the Lord prepare a table for her.

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“Anyway there is a God who blesses the pure in heart and those who are persecuted. My enemies unknowingly worked towards my favours. They have witnessed the Lord prepare a table for me.”

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