Carrying a driving licence no longer Mandatory – Motorists Association Kenya


You need not carry your driving licence when on the road, the Motorists Association of Kenya has stated.

The Association made this announcement on Monday after the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) stated there are other ways of proving if one is a legally validated driver.

This information can easily be accessed via an application that enables one to verify the status of any driving license. This is enough evidence that one is duly licensed.”

“According to the Traffic Act  section 36 (2) of the Traffic Act, a motorist is allowed to produce other evidence to satisfy the police that the motorist is duly licensed as per the requirements of Section 30,” the Authority said in a statement.
Section 36 (2) of the Traffic Act states a driving license or provisional license include such other evidence as will satisfy the police that there is no contravention of Section 30, which basically requires a driver to have a valid license.
The authority further stated that the use of LED lights on vehicles has been banned and any motorist will be prosecuted if found having installed them.


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