Happy Retirement, J.K Boinnet, Thank you for your service

When a new leader comes into position, the hopes of the citizenry under the jurisdiction is that all their burning issues will be eradicated, that life will be smooth and completely with... Read more »

Today In History: Tribute to fallen hero Dedan Kimathi

February 18th passed like any other day in mid-month. Quiet, normal, with the usual hustle and bustle. Nothing like the garish displays of love (or lust, if you ask some straight laced... Read more »

Black leopard spotted in Africa for first time in 100 years

They say that black cats bring bad luck, but when Nick Pilfold heard about one lurking around central Kenya, he knew he was onto something special. The Kenya-based biologist and his team deployed a set of camera... Read more »

Today in History: 99 year-old Charles Njonjo

The man from Kabete who rode a horse to school The man who could ride to school on a horse delivered by a servant celebrates his 99th birthday today. Charles Njonjo who... Read more »