Couple Announces ‘No Wedding Reception’ on Their Invitation cards


People across the world have different traditions and customs, especially when it comes to weddings; but more often than not, there is always a party after the wedding ceremony. The grandeur of the party depends on the couple’s budget, but there’s always a reception afterwards.

But for a modern bride and groom in Nigeria, they decided on not having a reception after the wedding ceremony which will be held in a church.

To make sure that their guests won’t ask them for a party or expect that they would be serving some food, Nigerian groom Adewale Yussuf and his bride Blessing Ijeoma specifically put “NO RECEPTION” on the wedding invitations! Whoa.


Social media was abuzz over the couple’s decision, with debates going on whether this was the best or worst idea ever! It certainly is the best idea to save money because receptions tend to take up a chunk of most weddings’ budget!

Other netizens think it could also be the worst because there’s no point in the couple inviting people to the wedding when there’s no reception, anyway. Plus, weddings only happen once in a lifetime, ideally! So, why not splurge on this big day?

But the groom later posted on Instagram that they received a surprise reception from his friends at work.


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