Court summons poisonous meat managers


Owners and managers of the six supermarkets whose meat sections were shut down on Thursday will appear before the Nairobi City Court next month.

The City Court has written to the six outlets, ordering them to appear before the court on August 2.

They are to respond to accusations of contravening section 4 and 36 (1) of Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Cap 254 as contained in Statute Law Act No. 2 of 2002.

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The officials from Tusker Mattress in Eastlands, Naivas Supermarket Gateway Mall, Naivas Supermarket Rabai Road, Muthaiga Fine Meat Limited and Tuskys Supermarket Kenyatta Avenue will have to explain to the court why they have been using preservatives beyond the 500 milligrams per kilogram that is the limit allowed by law.

Some of the offences include processing, treating, labelling, packaging, selling or advertising food in a matter that is false, misleading and deceptive in trade.

They also face charges of endangering human life as well as engaging in businesses not captured in their licenses.

The county on Thursday closed down meet sections of the supermarkets and promised to crackdown on all eateries in town.

This is after Governor Mike Sonko issued executive orders to the county health department to probe and carry out tastes on all eateries.

The Governor assured residents that any culprit caught will face the full wrath of the law.

“Take this order seriously and table a report in my office,” Sonko said in a meeting with the health officials.

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Nairobi County Executive for health Mohamed Dagane said the county will continue with it’s crackdown.

Dagane said those who fail to honour the summons will be arrested.

“They have no otherwise. Human life must be respected,” he said.

Guidelines on food control will soon be unveiled to beef up existing policies.

The County is collaborating with the national government in the exercise that is set to be done frequently.

Major crackdowns on Burma market and Kiamaiko slaughter house will be conducted.

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