COVID-19: Ahadi Kenya CEO and philanthropist Kamau feeds 1,000 families in Murang’a


Philanthropist and KNH board member Dr Stanley Kamau feeds over 100 families in Muranga county
Ahadi Kenya CEO and Knh board member Dr Stanley Kamau has today sent money to over 100 families in Murang county.
Faously known as Kamau wa ndutu for his fight against jiggers, Kamau sent the money to the families after he sought help of a Whatsapp group to identify the needy cases in Muranga.
He said the money should be used to buy food for the families even as they wait for aide from the government.
“Have done my part. Be our goodwill ambassadors. Mpeleke salamu and please dont leave the family without saying a prayer. God bess!” He posted a message to the group after sending the money.
There are two cases of coronavirus confirmed in Muranga but thousands have been rendered jobless by the continued spread of the pandemic.
Most middle aged people in Muranga work in Nairobi and commute daily but the directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta to lock Nairobi has made them unable to work.

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