CS Kiunjuri fires NCPB boss Ang as maize prices sour


Agriculture CS makes changes at NCPB as prices of maize continue to shoot.


According to a senior officer from the ministry of agriculture, CS Mwangi Kiunjuri made the changes last week.


Albin Sang received a letter from the agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri to vacate office to pave way for a new managing director.


The new NCPB acting MD is Zackary Magara who was the deputy director of food security at the State department of agriculture.


Sang has been in the acting capacity for one year after taking over the position in May 2018. This was after the resignation of Netwon Terer following the NCPB scandal on subsidy fertiliser and importation of maize.


He is set to retire this year and has been recalled back to the ministry awaiting his retirement.


This comes at a time when the cereals board is grappling with maize shortage in the country and prices.


By Friday last week, a 90kg bag of maize was retailing at between Sh3, 000 to a high of ShSh3, 400 across the country. In Nairobi, a 90kg of maize was selling at Sh3, 500.


By this week, prices have increased to a high of Sh3, 600 in some parts of the country, while in other parts there is no maize.


Agriculture PS Hamadi Boga said the government is planning to release some maize from the Strategic Food Reserve into the market to stabilize the supply of maize and prices of unga.


A 2kg packet of maize meal is selling at between Sh117 to Sh120.

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Peter Kuguru, chairman of small scale millers under the United Grain Millers Association said many smallscale millers have close down due to the maize shortage in the country.


“Today there is no maize. Farmers and traders who are hoarding are confused. Some traders got whiff the CS will be releasing maize this week so they do not want to be caught with stocks as prices are likely to fall,” Kuguru said.


On April 27, the Strategic Food Reserve board and National Cereals and Produce Board officials met to discuss about how much maize should be released millers and at what price.


The CS is expected to meet with officials of both largescale and smallscale millers today for a consultative meeting at Kilimo house. The meeting will focus on the release of maize form the SFR and also for ease of monitoring the exercise.




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