CV ADVICE: Captain Wanderi Explains the Dos and Don’ts when writing a CV


Writing a high-quality Curriculum Vitae(CV) is a challenging affair because the job market competition in Kenya is fierce, so your CV must stand out from those of dozens of applicants.

As companies are actively seeking applicants with the right mixture of skills, qualifications, and experience, it isn’t always the most qualified candidate that wins the race. Why? The CV. Your CV needs to sell your skills at first glance.

Here are CV writing tips to land your dream job in 2021. (As Explained By Captain Collins Wanderi)

Next time you’re asked to send a CV, stick to the rules. Send the CV ONLY & nothing else!

1. For every new entry vacancy declared, prospective employers receive between 200 to 250 applications. Private sector does not have the luxury of going through volumes of UNSOLICITED & often IRRELEVANT papers.

2. Use an EMAIL ADDRESS which has your OFFICIAL NAMES. Companies have configured their Business Information System to REJECT & SPAM all mail from addresses with names that look like creatures from outer space of the Mongolian Steppes. Often, those funny email handles and names is the reason you NEVER get shortlisted & hired.

3. You have never been employed but you CV is 5 pages, PDF and 5MB! Are you for real? Nobody wants to read about career goals, life objectives, sijui profile and other NONSENSICAL INFORMATION which is mere grandstanding & political statements. For every application, review, revise and ONLY SEND a CV which matches with the requirements of the job. In HR practice, we look for strategic fit between the candidate and the job. When you start your CV with things like religion, sijui marital status, career objectives, you lose it even before it is read.

4. All recruiters suffer from something called criterion bias, ie, if a candidate has structured the CV in a manner that shows the key education & professional qualifications; experential knowledge that fit what they want, they always shortlist. Wee endelea na hadithi za vile mko na ng’ombe na mbuzi, utaishi kuwa mfuganji.

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5. Finally, Kenya has ZERO quality control in academic qualifications. Even a monkey with money can “acquire” a degree, si mnajua akina Gafana nani na nani… wengi. So when sending a CV LEARN TO CLEARLY indicate your High School & Basic School Mean Grades. Hii ndio mwanzo ya mchunjo.

Capt (Rtd) Wanderi is a lawyer Forensic Auditor; Fraud Examiner; Financial Crime Investigator as well as a Security Intel. Analyst.

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