The menace that is Form One intake in Kenya


The government has been helbent on ensuring that the transition rate from Primary to Secomdary school is 100 per cent.
This is despite the many hurdles that come with such a move ranging from enough slots in secodary schools, performance of pupils in the KCPE examination among others.
In the 2019, the then Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed said form one transition stood at 83 per cent.
Amina cited among other reasons poor infrastructure in some schools making it hard to decongest some institutions.
If you go to various secondary schools, most principals have converted dispensaries, laboratories, stores, libraries and disused buildings into classrooms and dormitories to cope with huge number of students.
However after being innovative and coming up with a strategy of hosting all the students who make the cut, the same school heads are slowly crafting methods of making a cut off any admission they make.
The methods include making deals with specific outlets for uniform shopping, having form one students but sports kits, sports utilities and farm hands used in the institutions.
There have been complaints by parents from different schools on issues like being overcharged when purchasing school uniforms, spoons and mugs, beddings among others.
In a recent expose, the management of Butere girls High School is on the spot after parents complained that the school has come with a clever way of extorting from parents.
For a form one student joinging the schhol, a parent must be ready to cough sh600 for utensils that include a spoon going for sh200, a tracksuit going for sh2000 and a night dress that is sold at sh1600.
” Why should a parent/guardian be required to buy utensils worth 600/=. Kijiko gani inatoka 200?..mbona nahitajika kununua track suit at 2000, night dress ya 1600 when I can’t even afford bus fare to Emuhaya.” One parent complained.
In the same school in 2016, a preacher’s daughter joining Form one was denied admission to the institution after she refused to remove her veil citing religious beliefs.
Faith Wanjiru, who scored 374 marks in her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), stated that she was told to either remove the head scarf or look
In other schools, parents who want to change their children from one facility to another are forced to cough with at least sh30,000 for principals and to facilitate with the transfer.
Should these trends continue, it will be impossible to achieve the 100 per cent transition rate and worse, it will continue affecting the education centre in the wrong way.

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