Depression takes Kenya to number 6 in African ranking


Cases of depression in the country continue to rise in a shocking manner according to World Health Organisation (WHO).

In the 2017, WHO says  Kenya is number six in depressed countries in Africa. According to the report, most of the se cases are associated with  self validation.

Titled Depression and other Common Mental Disorders: Global Health Estimates, the report states that 1,952,981 which is equivalent to about 4 per cent of the Kenyan population.

Countries that have unfortunately beaten Kenya are Nigeria (7,079,815), Ethiopia (4,480,113), DRC Congo (2,871,309), South Africa (2.402,230) and Tanzania (2,138,939).

Experts however blame the rising cases of depression which are mostly leading to suicide on  lack of seeking guidance and opening up.

They advice that an easy way to healing is staying connected to family and friends,  engaging in social set ups to excite the mind and speaking up when wrongs are done either to self or others.


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