Do not miss Commediane Aicy Stevens’s New You Tube Channel, its hot!


Social media sites like YouTube have given people an opportunity to express themselves through vlogging.

People can sit in front of a camera or phone to record themselves as they talk about anything from lifestyle, food, fashion or comedy.

They then upload their videos to Youtube to share them with their subscribers.

With Youtube Channels being the next big thing especially for Kenyan Comedians, they are now pushing their brands beyond the borders.

But, among the many Kenyan Youtubers, there are some who stand out as the best.

One of the biggest brands right now called Aicy Stevens have started her own channel that targets to keep her fans glued with her creative content.

Aslo doubling up as a  business lady, Aicy first premiered on social media in a Facebook comedy show called Bedsitter Chronicles, a programme that showcases the daily lifestyle of people living in bedsitters.

Referred to critics as the Next Big thing in Online creation and comedy, Aicy hopes to build content to keep her fans entertained through the channel called Slay Queen Diary.

Click Here to watch more of her videos.

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