Dowry In Choppers, Body guards in Court – Uhuru’s Impersonator who Lives Like there’s no Tomorrow


A recent headline regarding the arrests of  seven suspected fraudsters across the country has sparked more controversy and lingering questions surrounding a flamboyant Bungoma Politician Joseph Lendrix Waswa.

A tweet by the Director of Criminal Investigations yesterday suggested that the famous philanthropist was among the suspects arrested for impersonating senior government officials and popular socialites to obtain money.

However, this is not the first time the youthful businessman who runs a charity foundation has hit the headlines.

In 2014, Mr Waswa was arrested and arraigned at the Bungoma High Court to face charges of murder against a Mombasa University student Mitch Barasa Kibiti.

Mr Waswa had allegedly shot the university student at a bar in Kimilili town where the young man’s lifeless body lay in a pool of blood, prompting irate residents to burn down the entertainment joint.


Drama later ensued when the businessman, then on bond, appeared at the court for his hearing with a fleet of heavy vehicles ferrying close to ten body guards to guard him prompting the worried Flying Squad police to swing into action and order everyone to lie flat on the ground. None of the said body guards was found with any weapon.


In December 2017, Mr Waswa brought the village of Nzatani in Kitui County to a stand-still when he touched the ground with four helicopters to pay dowry for his fiancee Tabitha Moureen.

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Mr Waswa, who was in the company of other youthful MPs including Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino and his Nandi Hills counterpart Alfred Keter shocked the nation when he proposed to the lady with a Sh1.6 million ring, according to reports.

He then winded up the colourful event with a free night party for all the villagers in an outing believed to have cost more than Sh5 million.


In 2015, the Mutengene Resort owner offered an air ticket to Bungoma’s James Bond (Sale Wanjala) who shocked the world hanging on a chopper carrying the remains of the slain billionaire businessman Jacob Juma in Bungoma.

The flamboyant millionaire has donated millions of shillings towards the construction of school projects across Bungoma County.

MONEY WASHING BUSINESS? reports that, in March last year, the name Joseph Lendrix Waswa was again mentioned when The Star newspaper published details of how retired judge Philip Ransley was involved into money washing business and embezzled his clients’ money in the belief he would make millions.

The judge had allegedly transferred millions of shillings of his clients’ money to individuals and are contained in affidavits filed before the Advocates Complaints Commission.

Ransley, who is wanted by the Director of Public Prosecutions to face charges of embezzling funds, reveals how a woman identified as Irene Adema, introduced him to the business of “cleaning” money, the Star reported.

The retired judge, who has since fled to England, says Adema made him believe some persons from the Central Bank of Kenya and De La Rue, were involved in the business.

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On June 17, 2015, he allegedly transferred Sh57 million by swift transfer from an account at Chase Bank River Side branch to Joseph Lendrix Waswa. It’s not clear if the name of this account is associated with the said politician even if the names appear similar.

But away from that, the aspiring politician who is said to have an eye on the Bungoma’s Senatorial seat in 2022 is a darling of many due to his charity donations done to the community through his foundations.

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