Don’t school me on my relationship with Uhuru, Ruto tells off critics


Deputy President William Ruto has told off critics who are trying to tear apart his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In an Interview on Thursday, Ruto said that a section of politicians are traversing the country spreading false information about an alleged split in the Jubilee party.

“I have seen a section calling themselves Kieleweke or Kutoeleweka going to churches and lying that they have been sent by President Uhuru and they just want to make Kenyans fight which i will not allow,” he said.

The DP further stated that Jubilee party is intact and was formed under uniting courses by leaders before the 2013 elections.

“These people purporting to show a non existent are just political conmen who do not deserve to be leaders in this country,” he stated.

“If this is indeed the case as they lie they should state what was agreed upon when Uhuru Kenyatta my boss and i sat and agreed to form a party to unify the country.”

The DP categorically stated that he will contest to be the Jubilee Presidential flagbearer with other leaders ruling out that he is the crowned leader to fly the flag after President Uhuru’s term ends in 2022.

“There is no special candidate or member of the party and i will contest for the flagbearer position among other leaders and should i lose then i will just support whoever wins.”

This comes as the ‘Kieleweke’  team  recently asked their rivals “Tanga Tanga”, which is campaigning for Ruto, to reconsider its stand on pledges made to spearhead development programmes before 2022.

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However those in support of the DP led by Aldai MP Cornelly Serem have accused the faction against insubordination saying the party should crack the whip in order to ensure that all lieutenants read from the same script with Jubilee’s rules.

He was categorical that those defying the DP should understand that they are beginning a journey of exiting from national politics.


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