Dusit D2 Attack: Bank Manager risks Jail over sh400,000 withdrawal by Suspect


Diamond trust bank Bank Manager risks being jailed after one of the Dusit D2 prime suspects withdrew over sh400,000 in one of the banks.

Sophia Mbogo, a Manager in the Eastleigh  branch  is now on the spot in the Dusit terror attack after a prime suspect withdrew the money several times in a single day just weeks before the attack.

According to Court documents Hassan Abdi Nur withdrew over Sh400,000 13 times in a span of 10 minutes on 4th January .

Mbogo is further accused of failing to report withdrawal  of huge sums of money from the branch in line with CBK regulations.

The State led by  assistant DPP Duncan Ondimu, want the Court to grant them  30 days to detain her and five  others  suspects  pending completion of investigations.

However, in a response filed on Thursday by Mbogo, she says  that she was executing her mandate  as an employee of the bank where the institution acts a Super Agent tasked with providing float to Safaricom Mpesa Agents.

“I do not know the accused personally nor do i have any professional dealings with them neither do they operate any accounts with the institution. “she adds.

She insists that she is an innocent bystander in the criminal inquiry and has no  previous criminal record.

 Mbogo is opposing an application by the DPP  to have her detained.

The Court will rule on the matter this Friday.

The agents received the cash that was later withdrawn at the Diamond Trust Bank, Eastleigh branch before it was later wired to Somalia.

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Today an Insurance Agent  Zipporah  Karanja was detained for 15 days  for allegedly for procuring insurance for 2 vehicles    used by  to Dusit slain terror attacker Ali Salim Gichunge.

According to investigators she did so without following the insurance policy guidelines insured two vehicles belonging to Gichunge.

The suspect who was arrested in Kamulu will be detained in police custody for fifteen days till preliminary investigations are completed.

Wambui was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Martha Mutuku on Thursday.

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