Dusit D2 Attack encounter


Mt Kenya Journal editor recounts

I have not been dismissive but for once it shook me to the core.On a normal day in my schedule i was busy banging on my keyboard in the office  as my colleagues caught up on the live happenings on TV.I did not take time to check on what they were doing because i was rushing against time to finish something i was scripting then rush for a meeting in town at 5pm. Then it happened.Those who know me will tell you i am online most of the 24 hours in a day, and i have specific tones for people i am in constant touch with like wife, mom, Gakuyo and yes, my grandmother.Steve, alias Gakuyo texted me a message that made me bolt. For provacy purposes i call her JD, he said over and about the attack in Dusit D2, JD was in there and she was not available on phone, that was the end of my time in the office.I parked my journal essentials and in 7 minutes i was at the scene of crime while at the same time getting updates by the second from a friend up in the hill….story for another decade.In the short time i was there i got at least 17 calls from family. JD was eventually helped out with God’s grace together with at least 9 other people and i could not be happier.In 2013 when the Westgate mall was hit i was nearby, a walking distance from my office and the whole ordeal replayed in my mind as i waited hoping and praying that the situation would be contained  soonest possible.
The most saddening thing i saw was people break down as they anxiously waited for their loved ones to be found and worse, when some were pronounced dead, of course after the whole thing ended.The gift of God is life and anyone who takes that from a human being is cursed, simply put.However our Kenyan officers have over time mastered the ability to quickly intervene on situations and thank to them the mercenaries were killed before they could harm more than 21 lives, Rest in Peace to the departed souls.

Bottom line, Kenya remains unbowed.

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