Dwindling fortunes of Club Tribeka lead to copying of Reggae night


If you want some good music, reggae music, please ignore You Tube, go to a licenced music distributor and buy legit music, acheni kupenda vya bure.

I speak of reggae because that is where my heart is, and i know of at least five clubs that have overtime played some of the best reggae music i now love.

Easy Sunday afternoon will be confused for a Friday evening along Mombasa road if you walk into Nexgen Mall which houses Club Zipang.

The MOH spiceent &  ruffestdjmoh will be ready to give you a smooth sailing, as you essentially risk your Monday.

If you walk into Kiza Lounge on Monday, you will get posters dubbed ‘Rub A Dub Mondays’ happening Coutersy of supremacy Deejays | Dj Juan  Miss Ebony.

Tuesdays are reserved for Club Laviva where MOH spiceent &  ruffestdjmoh  Host the Biggest reggae  show on The Thika Super highway At Klub Laviva Spur mall.

On Wednesday you definitely have to walk into CBD’s finest Mojo’s Bar and Lounge for some good reggae tunes by DJ Mantel and the Agugu family.

But then here comes the hard question, what do some outlets achieve by copying events of their rival brands?

Straight to the point, i am a lover of reggae and have been to most clubs that have reggae themed nights, the kind of stuff K1 used to offer before fortunes started dwindling.

Then Mojo’s introduced the Wednesday night reggae dubbed ‘Irie Reggae’ which is the closest thing i have enjoyed without having deejays drop in local jams as they spin.

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However it seems this was more or less a wake up call to their immediate neighbors who are struggling to stay afloat in this hard economic times.

Tribeka now also has Irie reggae vibes in partnership with Radio Citizen, a bold move i must say for Citizen.

An insider in the media house told me that Tribeka hoped that reggae show hosts including Talia Oyando and Coco Sobo would be attending the once a week show as well as hype it but that has not happened.

“The management had hoped the show hosts would be promoting it but they were told that would only happen if the night was in partnership with TV, not radio.” A supervisor at the premise told us.

Anyway the long and short of it is club managements must either accept to either die slowly and quietly, or change with the changing times and while at it be different in the  services they offer.

We cannot have a street or town of all clubs playing reggae all week, this is Kenya.

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