EACC officers raid Homabay Governor’s house, find money stacked in 4 sacks


Over 40 detectives from EACC Tuesday morning raided Homa Bay governor Cyprian Awiti’s home in Karen and carried away wads of incriminating documents and liquid money stashed in four full sacks.

According to sources who work for governor Awiti, Local revenue collects in Homa Baythen deliver it tothe governor’s home in Mawego instead of banking.

However that has changed after he relocated to Nairobi on health grounds, and he now receives the money every Friday in sacks from Homa Bay.
Awiti’s handlersare said to have called Opposition leader Raila Odinga asking for intervention but the former Prime Minister told them he has no jurisdiction over EACC.
Detectives have been investigating  alleged runaway corruption in Homa Bay for some time now and there are indications that investigations are almost complete.
Early in the week, EACC marked a number of properties acquired by senior county officers using public money.

County Secretary Isaiah Ogwe’s palatial home in Eldoret as well as 6 houses in Kisumu have been marked.

Finance CEC Nick Koriko’s 8 houses in Kisumu were also marked as well as Noah Ochola’s 3 houses opposite Aga Khan Hospital which he recently bought from Asians.
The government of Tanzania is also finalizing plans to nationalize houses Ogwe, Koriko and Oti Polo across Isebania border.

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