Flashy Nairobi businessman Kevin Obia arrested, locked up for threatening security guard at Kileleshwa


Controversial Businessman Kevin Obia is in police custody for allegedly assaulting a security guard.

The man was arrested after CCTV footage showed him captured at the scene of crime brandishing a pistol at the security guard during a row over a parking spot.

In the footage, Obia and his friends are recorded harassing and even throwing a bottle at the security guard, seemingly bragging of their financial capacity.

He is expected to be charged in Court over the assault in a week after police conclude their investigations.

Obia has been on the spotlight for several cases in Nairobi Courts and with his extravagance lifestyle.

He is currently facing a charge of allegedly pretending that he could sell 7kg of gold to a Gallati for which he obtained the Sh13.7 million during a meeting but failed to deliver. 

He is linked to another gold Conman Jared Otieno, who was jailed sometime this year, after businessmen from Australia and Latin America filed a case calling for his arrest. Jared is remembered by many for his flamboyance during the payment of dowry for his fiance in Meru where the group drove in a motorcade of high end guzzlers.

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