Government cracks whip on Kirinyaga Hospital

The national government has ordered Kerugoya hospital in Kirinyaga County to stop admitting patients immediately over a it’s poor state.
This comes days after County Governor Anne Waiguru formed a taskforce to oversee the immediate clean up of the facility.
Waiguru said the taskforce will carry out the immediate re-deployment of manpower to clean up and maintain standards of hygiene at the hospital within the next 72 hours.
Clinical officers from Kirinyaga County on Sunday joined nurses in demanding the reinstatement of over 300 casual health workers who were sacked from the hospital last month leading to the current situation at the facility.
The County government had fired the casuals in a bid to try restore sanity in the hospital’s finance syustems.

The county government was hoping to save Sh44 million annually which was being paid to the sacked workers.

A quick visit to the facility on Tuesday saw a pathetic case of the hospitals as hospital wards awere teeming with flies due to stinking and blocked toilets while dirty linen litters the floors, a clear evidence of an acute shortage of cleaners.

Due to lack of enough linen in the hospital patients are forced to carry bedsheets from home when being admitted for treatment.

The maternity ward is the worst hit as expectant mothers and those who have already delivered are sharing two toilets as others had blocked as there are no workers to attend to them.

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