Governor Iria has done nothing for Muranga, Greening Kenya Founder Betty Maina says


Muranga Governor has nothing to show for his tenure in office according to Greening Kenya Founder Betty Maina.

Betty who is serving as a Director in the Athi Water and Services Board said the governor has instead settled to fighting other leaders in the county.

She further accused the governor of fighting water PS Irungu Wairagu over water projects initiated by the national government in Muranga.

“The Governor and PS hail from the same village and if they have personal differences they should settle them not use national platforms to tear into each other.” Speaking in a local TV station, Betty said.

“We have a tendency of fighting leaders we have in the county fighting each other instead of building each other up and this derails us on matters service delivery,” she said.

Wa Iria has stated he will sue Wairagu over push for revenue from water sourced from Muranga and supplied to Nairobi.

The governor claims the PS has been the stumbling block to Muranga people to get clean drinking water from Ndakaini.

However the PS has stayed put launching projects in the region stating he is on assignment from the national government.

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