Governor Iria’s Party wants ICJ President to step aside over Maritime Dispute


A political Party associated with Muranga Governor Mwangi wa Iria is demanding for immediate resignation of the current ICJ Chairperson over continued maritime dispute in the region.,

Speaking during a delegates meeting in Mombasa, Civic Renewal Party (CRP) Interim Chairman James Mwangi  said that they will mobilise 2M signatures to present to United Nation Headquarters in US calling for Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf (Somalia)  who was voted in the International Court of Justice in 2018.

“Abdulawi Ahmed must step aside in 30 days or we will have to engage Kenyans directly to petition to remove him from office.” He stated.

Mwangi said the petition is based on the fact that there is no Kenyan representative in the ICJ yet Ahmed ,a Somalia National is the one who breaks the tie if any and definitely he can’t vote for Kenya.

“CRP is deeply disturbed by the current tit-for-tat infertile sideshows and Twitter diplomacy. It is time to make tough decisions engaging full state resources including people to assert Kenyan Sovereignty..”

Mwangi blamed the lack of representatives at the ICJ to biasness in rulings on the ongoing border issues between Kenya and Somalia.

“The Somali Government “sharks” knows the truth that the area in contention is wholly and 100% in Kenya. If they get only 1% after the ICJ resolution, they shall have won big time. For Somali and its backers one (1) square Kilometer to mount an oil rig shall be a victory.” He stated.

CRP  further called on President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee government to seek more engagements to nd the stalemate between the two nations.

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“What is at stake is not sovereign rights of Kenya but also a high risk of war and instability.
Civic Renewal Party strongly believes that Kenya State is a birth right for all Kenyans. Pur government must engage aggressively in all fronts diplomacy, courts and military to ensure that not a single inch of Kenya territory is surrendered to foreigners.”

The hearing of the maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia will start on September 9 and run through to September 13 at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague.

Somalia will prosecute its case on the first day, September 9, through oral submissions between 10am and 1pm, then 3pm to 4.30pm Hague time.

Kenya will have the same time to respond on September 11.

The second round of oral submissions will be on Thursday September 12, with Somalia getting the time between 3pm to 6pm to respond.

Somalia sued Kenya at the ICJ, seeking to redraw the maritime boundary from the current eastwards flow from the land border south of Kiunga, to a diagonal flow. If the court agrees with Somalia, Kenya could lose up to 100,000km2 of sea thought to contain huge amounts of hydrocarbons.

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