Handshake was a scam, Uhuru scared us on Sunday, MP Wahome Tangatanga’s fear


Kandara MP Alice Wahome believed the current political stalemate was brought about by the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The MP on Monday said the peace truce has dragged the country back instead of a forward growth.

“The sad truth that no one wants to say is that the handshake has caused more division than unity.” She state.

“It has been more of cutting a piece of shirt from the right hand to mend the left hand. The gap remains, now bigger and the shirt only ends up looking worse,” Wahome further added.

An ardent supporter of Deputy President William Ruto, Wahome went on to state that politicians who are in support of Ruto’s bid are scared of President Uhuru’s remarks on Sunday.

The President stated that he will crush any politician who engages in politics at the cost of development in the country.

“We are scared President Uhuru’s speech on Sunday and this includes my colleagues are worried for me too, but we believe all will be well.”

“Its sad that he used that tone because yes we were all elected under Jubilee but at the same time equal at the table.”


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