Here is a list of Clubs you must visit this festive season


In a spread of at least ten years, clubs have been borne and others died within the city and its environs, some leaving a lasting memory in our minds.

With continued push for economic independence and the love of fine things and partying, clubs keep mushrooming increasing the competition to otushine each other.

When most of us had not wiped off our village grins, most people believed that partying in Westlands was such an expensive affair and avoided it at all costs.

Revelers were forced to go to dingy clubs in town or in their neighbourhoods fearing that they would have to deplete the little money that they have to afford a drink in clubs that are located in Westlands.

But lately it takes a split second for anyone to decide whether their place of choice is the CBD or the outskirts given the number of hours they want to spend out. Of course a club closer home  means more hours at the outlet enjoying a pint or some roasted beef.

Below are the top 5 best night clubs i think make the cut to be the IT in Nairobi at the moment.

The list is based on Great customers experience, good music, electric ambiance, and fine dining menu.

Mojos Lounge and bar

 “With a TBT karaoke experience on Thursday It’s the best place for a mature outing when in CBD on weekdays Friday’s is always a vibe with first class music The club has a harsh tag #Tukomojos meaning ( We’re at Mojo’s )”

Zipang Bar And Restaurant

“✅Friday’s is always ? with urban pop music by a mix of young and experience Djs expect to hear a hit after hit and be in the middle of the pop culture in Nairobi, ✅Saturday expect the A list Djs eg (?Dj Crossfade ?? ) on rotation ✅Sunday’s they have the top reggae outfit Moh spice entertainment it’s the biggest reggae outing on a Sunday evening ? ✅Parking is free with two basements of Nextgen mall and 24 hrs security ??”

Bobos Bistro


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The food is good and value for money. It is located in Town but you can always get a take away.

“Catch a vibe on Friday Fiesta, great music, outside/Street experience with quite a handful of beauties ???”

Jiweke Taver


The place had a lovely ambience, wonderful and very yummy food. Talk about the music played on the background, the friendliness of the waiters and waitresses and to sum it up, the food. If you are looking for a good place to relax and have some fun, this is the place for you!

Nyama Mama

Definitely one of my top 5 restaurants in Nairobi! Their food is so awesome it leaves you coming back for more, the ambiance is perfect, the staff are friendly as well. I highly recommend it.

The review is compiled by a Deejay who comments on Entertainment issues.

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