How Kenyans are Reaping big this January With Jumia JForce Program.


The month ‘most hated’ is finally coming to an end, but most of us are not out of the woods yet, am talking about January , with 45 – and not 31 – days, stretching all the way from mid-December to end of January.

While the December holidays are officially a distant memory, It’s been a very long time for those who received an early December paycheck.

While most of us have been precariously juggling our budgets and moving from one financial challenge to the other in January, there are others who are just gliding smoothly through the month.

Am talking about the Jumia JForce team. This team seems to have not been affected by the January cash crunch.


Jumia JForce was established in 2013, and by 2017 the programme attracted about 3,000 agents.

It simply entails one making orders on behalf of clients and later earning their commissions once the items are delivered to customers.

Commissions range from 3 to 10 per cent depending on categories of the products and items sold as well as the quantities moved in the preceding month and can be paid up to Kshs 1 million depending on number of sales made per month.

Make sure you advise your clients accordingly on the delivery timelines


Nothing much is needed for someone to become a JForce agent. Anyone, regardless of their background or educational achievements, can become a JForce agent by signing up for an account here.


Your main role as a Jforce agent is to place orders for clients and earn commissions

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Once you make the order your work is done! It’s up to Jumia to deliver but you are supposed to keep subsequent follow ups with your client to know if they received what they ordered or expected.


  • Your number one customer is yourself. You can purchase things or home shopping for yourself and family
  • Your family,friends and neighbours
  • Social gathering e.g church, Birthday parties. etc
  • Social media- Facebook, whatsApp GRP n status etc make sure you post at least 5 items per day to earn customers.
  • Local shops around your place
The values indicate what you need to earn to proceed to the next level eg to move from probation to bronze you need to earn 2k in commission, from bronze to silver 4k and so on.


Commission is paid on the 15th of every month for orders delivered the previous month

For example orders delivered in the month of January will be paid in February 15th.Confirm the number you that is appearing on the app to make sure you don’t miss out commission due to wrong number.

Make sure you are using a Safaricom number for payment as commissions are paid through M-pesa.

Make sure you log in on the JForce app so that the system can capture you for the next payment.

Ready to to become a J-Force Agent? Click  here and follow Sign up instructions.

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