Jamleck ‘gave birth’ to me – PA Karanja Muturi


In a shocking development, Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria’s Personal Assistant Muturi Karanja over the weekend left many in awe after stating he was borne by the presumed arch enemy Jamleck Kamau.

Muturi on Saturday narrated how his career as a politician was made after Jamleck endorsed his employment to the governor’s office where he currently serves as PA and Chief of Staff in the county.

“Many keep saying that we do not get along with Jamleck but what they do not know is we are friends from 2002 and he actually helped me be where i am today,” he told a rather surprised club.

The two were attending a house opening event in Kigumo after a family lost a child when the house was brought down to ashes.

Hon Jamleck Kamau offering a piece of cake to a child during the official opening of a house in Kigumo Constituency

Jamleck, the immediate former legislator in Kigumo vied for Governor in the 2017 general elections but lost to Mwangi wa Iria, and has since been serving as the Chairman, TARDA.

It is rumored that the former minister in the President Mwai Kibaki regime is warming up to give the governor seat a second shot in the next elections.

Karanja is said to be eyeing the Kigumo Parliamentary seat currently held by MP Wangari Mwaniki.


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