Jared Otieno arrested, Cars towed by DCI detectives


DCI detectives have arrested Controversial and Flamboyant businessman Jared Otieno this morning on allegations of swindling foreigners in a gold export business deal.

This is after detectives raided his two homes in Karen and Lavington on Wednesday night but did not find him.

They then towed his luxurious cars and documents in boxes and computers found in the Karen house which he is yet to occupy.

One of the cars, a customised Porsche was bought for Sh30 million.

A source within then DCI said they had been informed that Jared bought the house for over Sh100 million shillings in 2018, payments made in cash.

Otieno has been in the limelight from his expensive, dowry and traditional wedding in Meru and his other arrests.

He spent a whooping Sh15 million for his wedding to Kendi Mwiti that featured choppers and luxury vehicles.

In June 20, 2017, police arrested the man over claims he swindled foreigners in a gold export deal.

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