Kigumo Constituency: The lady that attracts all


We start this with a disclaimer, the headline does not in any way relate with the fact that the current Kigumo MP is a lady.

It was previously one of three constituencies in the former Maragua District, Central Province.

The Constituency is currently allocated about sh100 million by Treasury.

The constituency was established for the 1963 elections and has only had seven MPs.

My drift starts in 2013 when democracy was indeed felt by voters in the Constituency having over 5 MP candidates garnering to unseat the then MP Jamleck Kamau.

A rumor goes around stating that so bitter was a childhood rival that they even financed a candidate to challenge Jamleck, a move that worked in his favour at the ballot.

Residents remember to top contenders for the seat, Lawrence Memia Kibda and one Chefman who would later concede defeat after the polls (They both would write books about their experience in the rough terrain of campaigns).

Jamleck went on to serve as Minister in the TNA government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Come 2017, he decided that having served as MP for two terms it was time to propel his ;leadership to Murang’a County, therefore leaving a leadership vacuum in Kigumo.

First entrants into the race were Macharia Ben, Joseph Munyoro, Memia Kibda and Njeri Jane.

However the seat was to attract 12 other Contestants who were all garnering for the Jubilee party ticket which was taken by a new face in politics, Ruth Wangare Mwaniki who had just had a dramatic exit at the Export Processing Council (EPC).

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At the August 8, 2018 ballot, Ruth trounced big wigs  like Munyoro who had gone back to seek for votes as an independent candidate after being ‘convinced’ he was the favourite.

Ruth has been serving in the Oversight Committee in Parliament and is expected to defend her seat in the 2022 general elections.

However the seat has already attracted new faces three years before the general elections and they include;

Joseph Munyoro

He is considered as the favourite to clinch the seat if all factors remain constant, and upon his comeback.

Known as a man of means, the youthful politician went under after the 2017 elections after coming a close second.

Some think he will make a comeback six months before the party primaries while others think he is done with politics, however only time will tell. Those two will either work for or against him.


Sabina Chege

She is the current Murang’a Woman Representative and is serving for a second term.

Born and bred in Kigumo, Sabina is said to be contemplating between the Kigumo seat and Muranga County governor seat.

Her biggest boost would be the continued women empowerment projects she has had across the country, her weak point being that she is undecided.

It is expected that her declaration will be a wake up call for the current MP as she is already graveling roads and paths in various wards, a move that has not gone down well with Ruth’s supporters.

Veronica Maina

Soft spoken Veronica may just give it a shot at running for a political seat.

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She has been at the heart of Jubilee party serving as Secretary General before her exit after botched party primaries.

Considered a heavy weight given her connections to State House, Veronica is a lady to watch.

Peter Karanja

He is dubbed as Mr Money bags given his deep pockets and a generous heart.

He is currently serving as the Personal Assistant and Chief of Staff to Muranga Governor Mwangi wa Iria.

He has already hit the ground attending to functions and ceremonies almost every weekend.

Karanja is said to have swang his influence to the Sub County MCAs who follow him in all the functions he attends.

He oversees all County projects in Kigumo a move that has also illicited bile with supporters of MP Ruth who has stated she will be ready to face anyone elected to dethrone her.

Eric Kamande

The young man is current Kahumbu MCA serving for a second term and Majority leader in the County Assembly.

Eric has not made public his 2022 intentions but is said to be contemplating the  big move.

He has also been traversing the sub-county with other MCAs giving back to the society, a move many critics say is his strategy to test waters on matters his reception by the voters.


Only time will tell but given the interest, Kigumo is indeed a Constituency to watch.

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