Kigumo MP in trouble over double allocation of bursary kitty


Kigumo MP Wangari Mwaniki is in trouble after issues to do with double allocation of cheques in the CDF kitty list were raised.

According to the list which was released last week, the bursary committee made several ‘erroneous’ entries where one student was given two or more cheques.

The issue has led to University  students in the Constituency up in arms over the improper awards calling for peaceful demonstrations to have the office of MP address the issue.

“We will invite all the comrades for a peaceful demonstration with permission of respective authorities so that mp can reshuffle and send home the current Kigumo bursary Committee….. IT’S incompetent and cannot be trusted with public funds.”

According to the list, a student from Egerton University with the admission number  CP12/02932/16 was awarded sh7,000  twice. Another one from Masinde Muliro University with the admission number SPA/B/OL-O02639/2017 was awarded sh7,000 twice.

The same double allocation was done to a student from Moi University  under the admission number SC/86/17 for sh7,000.

However the MP has stated she will take action on those found culpable of illegally doing the double allocation.

“I have tasked credible and independent persons to go through the entire Bursary allocation and check for this and any other possible errors and report to me at the earliest opportunity and in any case no more than one week.” She stated in a statement.

She further stated she would have those issued with more than one allocation cheques revoked and amounts reversed.
“No one will benefit more than the rest. I therefore intend to reverse all the erroneous entries and the amount accumulated be allocated for the First year’s whose intake is usually in September. ”

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“If anyone may have played monkey games to get to favor anyone, decisive action will be taken to set an example that such actions will not be tolerated.” The MP added.


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