Kigumo MP Wangari Mwaniki forced to pull down post trash-talking DP Ruto


Kigumo MP Wangari Mwaniki was forced to delete a message she shared in a social media platform after she was accused of bad-mouthing Deputy President William Ruto.

The MP posted a message on a Whatsapp group called Kigumo Reloaded which stated that the dp is unwell and suffering from a terminal illness.

“Tangatanga will be first  to tell us how Raila is sick, how they will send him to Bondo…..They wont say Mzee Kibaki and many of us are struggling. Or even that Ruto is  actually suffering from MILD LEUKEMIA and he’s on treatment. I wish him quick recovery. He’ll be okay.” The message posted by a different user read.

The mp was later forced to delete the rather sensitive message after members of the group tore into her for allegedly taking sides on matters health of a fellow leader, whether true or not.

She tried to explain to members that she had just shared a screenshot picked from Twitter but they questioned her integrity for allegedly being a carrier of alarming messages, and sharing screenshots she had not verified to be true.

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