Laikipia County Political Feuds: Cate Waruguru vs Everyone


A war of words has erupted between Laikipia County Woman Rep, Ms Catherine Waruguru and Deputy Governor Mr. John Mwaniki.

Attending a funeral recently at unspecified location within Laikipia East constituency, Waruguru took a swipe at Deputy Governor for allegedly demolishing hawkers stalls in Nanyuki town.

During the funeral, differences between Laikipia Deputy governor John Mwaniki and Laikipia Women Rep. Cate Waruguru played out in public when the legislator took to podium and spilled harsh words accusing the deputy governor of impunity, demolishing stalls in Nanyuki town and installing his own shops on the same piece of land.

Responding to the legislator, Laikipia Deputy Governor John Mwaniki gave a stern warning to the women rep for lack of respect in her utterances, threatening to sue her.

The outspoken legislator, Waruguru, is well known for Insinuating, blaming, alleging, creating wars with everyone, in funerals and even official functions.

October Last year, Waruguru accused the wife of Laikipia governor Maria Mbeneka for interfering with her work asking the first lady to concentrate on her domestic chores.

“We elected the governor and not the first lady. She should concentrate on her kitchen and other domestic chores,” she said.


While most of Laikipia residents argue that Cate Waruguru is right and that she’s fighting for her people’s rights, some feels the legislator is too much,

“She has the point , she is a patriotic leader standing with wanjiku though putting it in an insult way.” Says one Resident of Nanyuki town.

Others argue that, she should seek the right channel to solve county issues. “As a leader, she ought to know that there are systems and organs. If she feels that someone is not making her happy, she can always go to Noordin, Kinoti, Wabukhala, Maraga or wherever she knows she will get assistance. Unatuambia kwa mazishi au shule tufanye nini?”  Says Mr. Fidel

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“…. at this rate, if she doesn’t exercise restraint in her choice of words she will end up heating up the political atmosphere and causing acrimony across the county.” He added.

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