Late Njenga Karume’s company losses 40-year old land case in Kiambu


The Court of Appeal has ended a 40-year battle over an expansive 518 acres of land in Kiambu County alleged to have been fraudulently registered to a company associated with the late Cabinet Minister Njenga Karume.

Justices William Ouko, Asike-Makhandia and Gatembu Kairu have upheld the High Court decision that the land now worth over 3 billion shillings belongs to a women group under the name Mugumo Nyakinyua Company Ltd throwing out the appeal by former coffee pickers at the farm.

The court on Friday dismissed claims by 800 members of the Gitamaiyu Trading Company Ltd that Mugumo Nyakinyua Company Ltd acquired the land irregularly and fraudulently.

The Gitamaiyu coffee pickers had alleged that Karume, who was once a Defence minister, used his influence to have the land registered in the name of Mugumo Nyakinyua Company Ltd, whose chairperson was his now late wife Wariara Njenga.

Lawyer Shairi Mwaura, for the Karumes and Mugumo Nyakinyua, has now urged the National Land Commission to immediately withdraw a caveat on the land.

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