Lets dialogue, Sonko assures striking county workers of their dues


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has assured the striking county staff that their issues are being addressed.

Sonko said the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which was signed between the Nairobi and county employees, will be implemented as agreed.

The CBA was supposed to take effect as from January this year, but due to unforeseen issues, it has forced to delay.

“I want to appeal to the Nairobi County staff to go back to work becuase all their issues are being addressed. We are in consultations with all the relevant offices, including the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to see that this CBA is implemented,” said Sonko.

If fully implemented, the 13,000 county workers would get salary increment of between15 to 28 per cent.

“I do not oppose or disagree with their quest for good salaries. However, we all need to address this issue together in a dialogue,” said the Governor.

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