Love for Maize, Bananas and matching outfit: Uhuru & Ruto the men who revolutionized Presidency


Is it the love of maize for the Deputy President William Ruto or its just a regular coincidence close to PR stunts when he is travelling.

Starting off as a chicken seller as a boy, Ruto was born and grew up in Uasin Gishu county.

The County is one of the major producers of maize and this could be the reason making DP Ruto stop anytime he, or his handlers spot maize vendors.

It has not been a common scene for such a high profile politician to make random stops and eat foods sold in the streets, but political commentators believe it is what has made the Jubilee top leaders connect with the common mwananchi.

It started off with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his DP being cleared by the ICC on their criminal charges and since then, it has not been the same, at least in the public.

From dressing in the same outfits during the campaigns, enjoying light moments and throwing jibes at each other to enjoying drinks and foodstuffs on roadsides and in launches is what makes the duo more approachable than past leaders.

However some of their critics look at it as a potential security hazard for the two leaders that can easily the political marriage of the duo brought together under the Jubilee umbrella, is still intact.

Only time will tell whether this marriage will last as the two have already throwing jibes at each other indirectly as the DP seems to have launched a campaign for his Presidential 2022 bid while  while President Kenyatta is fighting to secure his legacy.

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