Man left heartbroken after wife of 10 years reveals all 5 kids are not his


Deception between lovers can do a lot of damage once discovered. A man identified as Ombaso is struggling to come to terms with the bitter betrayal he received from his wife of 10 years.

According to the embittered husband and father, he and his first wife were involved in a tussle forcing his partner to go back to her mother’s home.

He had afterwards received a call from his wife’s mother and what she revealed left him in a state of complete shock and disbelief.

It turned out that his mother-in-law decided to let him know all the five kids he had raised throughout his marriage did not belong to him.

Apparently, the man’s wife stepped out on him and ended up giving birth to another man’s children. Ombaso raised them as his own.

Speaking to Radio Jambo on Tuesday, January 22, Ombaso revealed that he tried his best to win back the love of his life in vain.

He further said he conducted a DNA test just to be sure and his fears were confirmed, he was not the father.

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