Meet Pastor Who Allows Members To Drink Alcohol In Church, Says He Will Write His Own Bible Soon


In an unusual tradition in this self-proclaimed church in South Africa, alcohol flows freely for worshippers – after being blessed by a pastor. The Gabola Church celebrates the drinking of alcohol that some other religious figures frown upon.

The founder and leader of Gabola Church, Pope Tsietsi Makiti has also hinted that he’ll soon author the Bible, the Holy Book of Christians.

The controversial man of God said the chapters of his yet-to-be released Bible will have the kasis where they have branches as the chapters’ names.

Although the bible has not been seen but Makiti has provided the news outlet with a few samples of the verses the holy book would incorporate.

The religious leader said he hopes his holy book would decolonise black people First, Tsietsi Makiti founded a church out of a tavern (local alcohol joint), then he went on to be ordained as a pope. Now, the religious leader plans to write his own bible.

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