Meet the Gold scandal suspects Jared Otieno, Chris Obure who thrive on controversy


God scandal suspect Jared Otieno has been directly linked to city ‘businessman’ Chris Obure, suspected of murdering fellow ‘businessman’ Kevin Omwenga last Friday.

The duo is well known as flamboyant businessmen in Nairobi but it has now emerged that theirs is a catalogue of shady deals involving hundreds of millions.

The latest twist in their lives is the murder of Omwenga, 26, in mysterious circumstances at Galana Suites at Nairobi’s Kilimani area. Obure has been arraigned over the shooting incident that cost Omwenga his life.

Yet amid the mystery and crookedness of their business, the men are not shy of any controversy and they are not even afraid of involving their wives.

They are famous for lavish parties and clubbing at high-end joints in the city, often ending their night outs in drama that sees them brandish weapons as a way of showing off their might in society to intimidate fellow revelers.

Their wives are also known to be high-fliers and also attract controversy and attention wherever they go. Otieno’s wife – Kendi Mwiti, and Obure’s spouse – Farha, are as tight as their husbands are in ‘business’.

Aside from their regular clubbing and partying, an incident from 2015 has left many with questions than answers. This was a KSh10 million lavish baby shower at Villa Rosa Kempinsky, attended by several public figures including media personalities.

The party was organized by Otieno’s wife and bankrolled by Obure, a man whose life is full of controversy. The same year, Obure showed off his lavish treat for his wife – a Samsung S6 Edge Plus mobile phone and a holiday trip to Bahamas which reportedly cost him KSh1million.

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In 2016, he was arrested after using his firearm to intimidate fellow revelers. He was charged with assault and bodily harm to one – Ben Olila Onyango on 31 December at a club in Nairobi’s Westlands area.

The incident happened after Obure, who had double-parked his Range Rover, refused to move so as to let other motorists pass. He allegedly turned violent and smashed the vehicle belonging to Mr Onyango.

He was later released on KSh20, 000 by the High Court at Millimani.

Media reports indicate that sometime in November 2016, Obure threatened to shoot a patron at a night club only for him to deny any wrongdoing saying he never goes out clubbing without his personal security.

“Why would I fight in a club, I usually have bodyguards whenever I go out clubbing. So I have no reason at all to fight in clubs,” Obure was quoted at the time.

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