Miti ni dawa: Media Personnel giving farmers trees for free to push for Reafforestation


We are reclaiming our heritage, and we start with reafforestation in the country.

A Media personnel has made the bold move of  ensuring Kenyans plant trees in their farms to ensure that future generations do not find an arid country.

Samuel Maina, a native of Gatanga in Muranga County has offered to distribute at least 4,000 seedlings of Grivellia Robusta also called the silky farmers around the county for free.

“I could not secure a market for some of my agro forestry seedlings so I have decided to distribute them to my fellow villagers for planting in various places instead of watching them over-grow in my nursery. Let us Keep Kenya Breathing.” He said.

Maina who has stated that the move will continue insists that we need to utilise the ongoing rains to ensure future generations  benefit from our efforts of tree planting.

He recalls growing up in Gatanga 20 years ago, when the government would give tree seedlings to families for free.

“As the rain continues to pound in different parts of the country, make it your personal initiative to plant a tree, either a fruit tree or an agroforestry tree. ”

Maina has a five-acre farm in Pundamilia, Makuyu township.

He has an irrigation system, a net to provide shade for the nursery and the project is authorised by the Horticulture Development Authority because there are avocado seedlings in the farm meant for the export market.




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