Moi dies: How Ruto is a good student of Moi


Am amazed how history repeats itself and the similarities between Moi and Ruto today.

Moi was 55 years when became president, Ruto will be 55 in 2022

Moi became popular by launching projects virtually every week on behalf of kenyatta who didn’t like to travel ,Ruto has launched more than 500 projects

Moi never missed a Sunday service , Ruto is ardent church goer .

Moi was soo in touch with the common mwananchi when he became president such that non would matched him as the natural heir from Kenyatta, Ruto is described as the natural heir of Uhuru Kenyatta and his ability to connect with the common man is superb.

Moi’s generosity in harambees is well known to all , Ruto’s generosity is visible

Moi was the founder member of Kadu that merged with Kanu of Kenyatta, Ruto is the founder member of URP that merged with TNA of Kenyatta.

Moi joined politics when he was 31years old to join legco, Ruto was 31 years when he joined politics in 1997 as MP for Eldoret north .

Moi changed to be a dictator 3years after ascending to power and he crippled all who assisted him to become president including Charles Njonjo and other cabinet ministers then replacing them with people from Rift Valley like Nicholas Biwwot and others………

Moi’s love for big chunks of land is public knowledge, Ruto is a large scale farmer in many aspects.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Compiled by Professor Peter Kagwanja

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