MPs want more money to visit Koinange street, Kabogo states


First Governor of Kiambu County William Kabogo has stated that the push by MPs to get more allowances is a show of greed and lack of understanding.

The former Governor on Wednesday stated that those who are pushing for the increased car grants from the current Sh5 million to Sh10 million.

They also want an increase of their mortgage entitlements, to extend their medical cover to more than one spouse, and retain huge car maintenance and mileage allowances.

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“Mafala, they know the law and in the new Constitution there is a  clause that states the National Assembly cannot increase its own allowances.” he stated.

“For instance in the case of night allowance why would we pay them for that? To go ti Koinange.”

Kabogo stated he will move to court to block such a move to protect voters from more suffering.

“Hii ni nchi ya wezi and we are going to suffer in silence. We vote for such people and this is therefore our problem.” The vocal politician said.

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