Mt. Kenya Region Wananchi to Leaders: Unity for the Mountain or Retire!


“We are already holding meetings with other Mt. Kenya region leaders for the sake of unity of the mountain. We must discord our individual political affiliations in the different: Kieleweke, Tanga Tanga, Mt Kenya East or any other groups to make a united Mt. Kenya region for us to remain in the government in 2022 or we go to the opposition in disunity,” Hon Jamleck Kamau.

“Ita rîtarî ndundu rîtarî ndundu rîhûûragwo na njûgûma îmwe,” Gîkûyû proverb translating to: an army divided is an army defeated!

The Luhyas understand better that, “obulala buli nende ingufu” (unity is power, disunity is weakness/powerlessness). After all, they have numbers but are divided into Bukusu and Malagoli groups. So they have failed to win a piece of cake in national leadership.

Now, Mt. Kenya region has been a large flock once feeding on the same grass field but now chaotic and separated politically and even socially. The disunity that will cost Mt. Kenya region just like the Western region are victims. Let’s get to the root of the whole problem to maneuver and make a lasting solution.


Disintegration of the Kenyan president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. Then the sprouting of Kieleweke and Tanga Tanga Jubilee factions. The former sticking with the president and the later with his deputy.

Then the handshake of President Uhuru and ODM and chief opposition leader Raila Odinga. Then the BBI.

Now, where there’s unity, there power is, peace and harmonious development. The more than 8 million Mt. Kenya voter population and their more populous families must not be denied the right to be in the next national government just because of few hard headed leaders dividing the mountain.

Photo| Steve Njoro | Stemax Photography

I approached several wananchi from different counties from Mt. Kenya region to hear their views about Mt. Kenya unity. Here is what they said:

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“If any leader from Mt Kenya region is a true leader of the people, he/she must be ready to acquiesce to leave a dividing factor and join the rest in making the mountain stand tall in indestructible unity, otherwise we the people of Mt. Kenya region shall brand them enemies of our people!” Gachwe Gachwe, youth leader from Murang’a said.

“We the youths of Nyandarua county maintain that if any leader wants remain relevant in leadership and politics, they must sacrifice their whatever disuniting political stands for the sake of Mt. Kenya region unity,” said Alex Chege, a young entrepreneur and youth leader in Nyandarua county.

“It will be very bad for the people of Mt. Kenya region to be in the opposition just because of disunity mostly blossomed by the leaders we follow. As the mothers and women of this region, we want unity and we don’t want to be left behind in the next government,” said Mama Njoki from Kirinyaga county.

Well, thus the message of the people to their leaders. May the leaders listen to the voice of Wanjikú.

Written by Gîtaû wa Kûngû. For Mt. Kenya Journal – Twitter

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