Mungiki sect back on our roads? Kigumo residents up in arms


It is no longer news that the once outlawed Mungiki group has made a comeback, slowly but surely penetrating the vast Mt Kenya region.

It started in Gatundu where alleged members of the group killed a resident leading to a stern warning by Interior CS Dr Fred Matiangi.

Then came Kigumo Constituency in Muranga County where they have taken up matatu routes and are collecting money from the operators as well as owners.

We however learnt that the reason the group is slowly gaining tract is given the backing they are getting from politicians and businessmen.

“The group always resurfaces as we head to the general elections. President Uhuru needs to leaves us better, and safer by eliminating this group. A matatu owner said.

Of interest is the Kigumo Travelers Sacco, the Sacco allegedly works with the cartels from its inception and this is to allegedly ‘protect’ their route which is strangely operated by one Sacco.

Public service operators have been forced to abandon Kaharati-Muthithi-Kigumo-Kangari road to avoid encounters with members of the outlawed group.

Gakira, Karuri and Muthithi are the collection points for the illegal fee.

Although there are other matatu saccos that have been registered by the National Transport and Safety Authority, none dares ply along the route, with locals claiming that some drivers and conductors who tried to venture there died under mysterious circumstances while their matatus were burnt to ashes.

“Matatu saccos like NAMU, MUNA, Kamunyeki and Kenya Mpya have registered to ply in Kigumo but this is not happening because of the illegal demanding of money.” A driver of Kigumo Travellers said.

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In 2007 the illegal group killed a matatu driver and his  conductor for allegedly failing to pay the daily sh200 paid by matatu operators.

The gang then carried the driver’s head to the opposite side of the road and placed it at a conspicuous spot.

A similar fate awaited the conductor who was similarly butchered as passengers watched in horror.

The atrocity was committed less than three kilometres from Kigumo Police Station.

There were eight passengers in the matatu at the time of the attack.

“They were first tortured before their heads were chopped off. As they left, one of the attackers told us to go and witness what had happened to the two and then preach the gospel to doubting Thomas that they were ready for the fight and won’t relent,” said the passenger.

However little if any action is being taken by leaders in the region led by Muranga Governor Mwangi wa Iria and Kigumo MP Ruth Wangare Mwaniki.
“The two among other leaders including our President are quiet on the issue it is as if they know more than we do, but only time will tell,” another resident stated.

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