Muranga residents want politics in church banned


Muranga County residents have started collecting signatures to have politics banned in churches to avoid confrontation.

This comes a day after Kiambu woman representative Gathoni Wamuchomba was heckled in a church in Kandara Constituency after she tried to tell off area MP Alice Wahome.

“We have started collecting the signatures and as we speak 1300 people have signed the petition, we hope to collect at least 10,000 and we will then have politicians keep off from exchanges in the church,” Community leader Eric Nganga said.

Nganga however clarified that the leaders will not be barred from attending church functions on Sundays.

“What we do not want is tainting the holy pavilion as our politicians keep giving us reasons to put such measures in place,” Pastor James Wahome of International Community Church in Kangema said.

The Catholic church has already said it will not allow politicians to use its pulpits for politics.

It said the decision was reached after a recent conference where it was agreed that religious issues cannot be mixed with politics.

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