Muranga to spend Sh255m to subsidise small-scale maize farmers


Murang’a County will spend at least Sh255 million to subsidise maize farming for the two seasons this year.

Governor Mwangi wa Iria on Wednesday stated that this is due to the short rains that have been experienced leading poor growth of the staple food in the country.

He further added that his government will also give hybrid maize seed and fertiliser to over 250,000 farmers in the county.

“We intend to harvest maize that is worth Sh6 billion in 2019 hence making the programme profitable so that we can ensure that agriculture is our leading source of development and wealth,” Iria said.

Iria said that his dream is to leave the county known and leading for food production after the end of his second term in 2022.

“Our dream is to have Murang’a people miss from the list of food beggars and have them top lists of wealth creation, food production and good health,” he said.

“It is for this reason that we are setting up projects that are agriculture oriented like the now complete MCC milk factory in Maragua,” Governor Mwangi added.

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