Musician Ringtone Muted? celeb claims Karen neighbors want him gone for keeping cows


Gospel Musician Ringtone is on the spotlight for his farming habits specifically cattle lkeeping in the leafy Karen Estate.

The Musician who was recently on the spotlight for bying a Range Rover for Ugandan celebrity Zari has been served with a letter from Karen Resident Association chairman after his neighbors complained about his noisy cattle.

“Karen is not a farm but a resident’s community.” Part of the letter reads.

If he does not desist, Ringtone has been warned that he will be sued ‘very soon.’

However the letter signed by one James Hirst ends in styles stating that Karen residents love his music.

Last week the musician was a punching bag for social media users after he posted a photo of his car with a puncture.

The musician said he had a puncture and would now have to buy a new tyre for his Range Rover car.

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